Acne Scarring Causes - Want To Find Out Why You Have Acne Scars?

Can acne scars possibly be eliminated? Answering this question requires, first of all, understanding of the problem, as well as the cause of the scars. A judgment concerning the likelihood of getting rid of acne scars can then be made after data has been looked at.

Acne, a common skin problem among teens & adults, develops when oil from the sebaceous glands of the skin become over-active. The purpose of this oil is for lubricating the skin, however a portion of it may become trapped in ducts, thus causing bacteria to grow. Because of this, tiny pimples, blackheads, or whiteheads may surface on the skin, or large lesions that are inflamed and filled with pus might form under the skin.

Acne scarring occurs when the microorganisms metabolize the oil which has been produced, thereby irritating the skin and plugging the hair follicles which then collect debris. The debris eventually moves down into the deeper layers of the skin, triggering an inflammatory reaction from the body. In the course of the body's fight to get rid of the debris, the skin gets wounded and once the wound has healed, a scar develops. There are four types of acne scars, namely, ice pick, rolling, boxcar, and hypertrophic or keloid scars. As wounding, and consequently healing, happen below the skin, acne scars are depressed and bound down inside the skin, and not on its surface. This poses a difficulty where eliminating acne scars is concerned.

A treatment was produced in 1937 for the intention of renewing the surface of the skin. This six-day home remedy is called Skin Culture Peel. Whether male or female, and whatever the skin's color, texture, or age, optimistic results may be experienced. The treatment facilitates the controlled shedding of numerous layers of skin. This causes fresh layers to emerge and a skin surface with a good appearance to be generated. All that is required for success is a quick application of the cream, which is then removed after 90 minutes. This is done for a period of 6 days.

Modern science has caused the development of other technologies that are useful in getting rid of acne scars. Laser therapy is one such procedure, and the non-ablative or fractional kinds are the ones suggested. The reasons for their preference are their higher degree of effectiveness and low downtime, and also being able to treat all scar types. Steroids are also employed as a therapy for keloid scars raised over the skin by way of injection. Steroids usually are not as effective when the scars are depressed, however. Another treatment makes use of dermal filler agents to lift the scars after a skin injection. This method, however, has the drawback of requiring repeated injections into the same area, which isn't ideal.

Modern technology, it would seem, along with a few natural cures, may be successful to get rid of acne scars. Just choose the most reasonably priced, and best suited, treatment for your acne scarring and get to work!

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