Anti Acne Diets - Do They Truly Help Reduce Acne Breakouts

The human body has been evolving for many millennia and your body survives on a delicate balance between chemical compounds, enzymes, hormones and numerous other dietary ingredients in order that it can function appropriately. When your body senses any imbalance in these factors it would take action to rectify any problems and bring your body back into stability. Over eighty percent of teenagers have the skin disorder acne during adolescence and a small portion of adults may experience this skin problem as do women during their menstrual cycles or pregnancy. An acne diet plan can help.

You have two basic varieties of food in an anti acne diet; those food items that will help your body and skin to be healthy and those foods that can trigger an acne skin infection and cause to get worse. The substances in the foods that you consume have a significant impact on the healthiness of your body and skin. Certain food items will cause your body to react in a way which can make acne worse while food stuffs which have plenty of antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids will help your body to safeguard itself against the skin ailment. An anti acne diet can help your skin.

Acne is a result of clogged up pores in the skin layers attributable to an excess of sebum oil as well as debris like dead skin cells. Located in the underlying layer of the skin are the sebaceous glands which naturally secrete sebum oil. The oil habitually travels up through the hair follicles and out through the skin pores and helps to keep your skin soft supple and healthy. Sometimes too much of the oil is secreted and it could mix with impurities and clog up skin pores and this creates a perfect breeding ground for acne bacteria to thrive and cause infection. Certain food stuffs prompt the body to produce sebum oil.

There are some kinds of food stuffs which are high glycemic and make the levels of sugar in the blood rise very quickly. Refined sugars are an example of this kind of food. When your blood sugar spikes the pancreas comes in to action by secreting lots of insulin and testosterone, a male hormone. This, in turn, induces your skin oil glands to make excess sebum oil that could help to clog skin pores and induce acne. Dairy foods like milk are manufactured from lactating cows and these products may contain very high female estrogen counts and this has been proved in studies to encourage outbreaks of acne.

Your anti acne diet needs to be composed of food stuffs that are healthy and nourishing. Be certain to choose food stuffs which are high in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids for example fresh vegetables, products made from whole grains and oily fish varieties such as cod and tuna. You need to take a multi-vitamin, mineral and essential nutrients supplement regularly to be certain that your body has an adequate amount of these essential substances and is well balanced nutritionally. If your body is healthy, you will have healthy and clear skin. Just be sure you drink plenty of water every day to ensure effective body and skin hydration.

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