Dark Under Eye Bags - Why You Have Them And What You Can Do

People who find dark bags under eyes when they look in the mirror would probably like to understand what they are and what causes them to appear. The issues that could cause the dark bags are medically termed periorbital puffiness and periorbital dark circles. They are dissimilar conditions but many people can quite often have them both at the same time. People can be predisposed genetically to dark bags under eyes if the skin problem has been running in the family. Normal aging of the skin can also cause the bags for the reason that the skin stretches and is less elastic owing to collagen loss.

Some individuals are genetically predisposed to have a skin texture that is thinner than the norm around the eyes and can have the numerous veins which lie below the skin layers in this area showing through, causing the skin to look darker. Interruptions in your sleeping pattern are another common reason for dark bags under eyes. This can occur as a consequence of lack of sleep or insomnia and even because of over sleeping. Stress or anxiety often leads to sleeplessness and dark bags under eyes therefore if this is the problem, relaxation techniques must be tried. Some kidney and thyroid illnesses can also cause dark bags under eyes.

Menstrual cycles and pregnancy can cause hormonal imbalances that make skin paler and dark veins prominent. Inadequate nutrition can deprive the body of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that it requires to keep skin healthful. Some types of medications may cause the blood vessels in the skin to dilate and this often leads to darkening of eye bags because the skin in this region is very sensitive to alterations in blood circulation. Exposure to ultra violet rays from the sun can produce the chemical substance melanin which that causes pigmentation changes that can cause those dark bags under eyes.

Food, animals and environmental factors can lead to many kinds of allergies which could make the eyes irritated and itchy and lead to the formation of dark bags under eyes. Allergic reactions of the hay fever variety to dust, pollutants or pollen in the air can cause discoloration and engorgement in the thin, sensitive skin surrounding the eyes. The most important measure for getting rid of dark bags under eyes is to be certain that enough restful sleep is received every day. When the sensitive skin around the eyes is exposed to ultra violet rays it should be protected by a sunscreen.

A diet to keep the skin healthy should include a lot of whole grain products, fresh vegetables and fish. Lots of water should be drunk every day to make sure that the skin is well hydrated but beverages like alcohol, coffee and caffeinated colas should be avoided. Taking a health supplement that contains vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrients will help in diminishing unattractive dark under eye bags. Placing any chilled item such as a cold compress on the eye area will have the immediate but momentary effect of reducing the eye bags. A folk cure is to use chilled slices of cucumber over the eyes.

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