Do You Desire To Become A Beta Games Tester?

Professional beta game testing is definitely lots of fun, however, you should also know that it is not enjoyable ALL the time. A paid game tester needs to do work and complete the tasks allocated to him. In the event that he fails to perform his work well or if he simply completes his assignments as if they are NOT all that big a deal, it's likely that he won't be a professional beta game tester for very long. That being said, if you are still excited about the idea of being PAID to play games, then make sure you read & follow the 3 simple steps down below.

1. Develop Your Network Of Contacts

Every individual you talk with -- that regularly works with & is part of video game creation -- is a potential asset that can be used. This individual may be the launching point from which you land that first major beta-game tester position. This person may have the ability to inform you about high paying game tester positions which are becoming available; those of which aren't being actively talked about. He (or she) may even call in favors with a few important people and get testing assignments when you're otherwise out of work. In other words, they might be your window of opportunity for getting into the video game tester universe; hence, be as pleasant, cordial, & as professional as you can with everybody you encounter.

2. Offer To Test For Free

This concept may make you gasp in shock to do work, if you call game testing work, for free; but it is a necessary evil in order to get yourself into the game. Give your services to game developers & testing centers and let them know that you'll test their games without pay. Given that game development companies tend not to invest more for testing their games than whats needed, they will be more than happy to avail your service. Soon after a number of "no pay" jobs, you should have a nice pile of work references all ready to go for those PAID video game testing jobs.

3. Give Up Now Or Get Active Now

You should not expect testing jobs to fall out of the skies and smack you right in the old melon -- it is not going to happen. Instead, you must get out there and begin contacting game testing companies directly. Tell them who you are, what you do, not to mention just how huge a resource you will be to their team; whether it be a temporary position or a permanent one. Should you display a strong, detailed case, There Is Not Any reason why you should be turned down.

Paid video game testing is usually awfully satisfying -- however, be certain to not get in over your head, as there is actual work required with this type of career!

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