Do You Know How To Eliminate Stretch Marks On Your Back?

A sudden weight gain or growth spurt that occurs rapidly can be the issues responsible for stretch marks emerging on peoples bodies as can surges in hormonal levels. A few of the people who are most likely to develop stretch marks are women that are putting on weight rapidly due to pregnancy and youngsters who are experiencing a pubescent growth spurt. Individuals who are very stout or obese as well as body builders who are trying to add on weight and muscle mass frequently develop stretch marks. These linear scars are the result of the skin layers being stretched very quickly and they can crop up on the body in several places like the upper torso, butt area, tummy and back. There are several effectual holistic treatments which can be used safely and inexpensively to remove stretch marks on the back.

1. Natural Oils: The single most effective remedy to get rid of back stretch marks is to apply a natural cream, lotion or essential oil to handle them. There are a large variety of holistic creams available in the market and they help to remove back stretch marks in a variety of ways. A few of the skin lotions have exfoliating properties which enable them to take off a thin layer of the skin thus eliminating the damaged scarred tissues from stretch marks. Other creams have natural body proteins such as collagen and elastin so they regenerate the elasticity and flexibility of the skin layers. Many of the creams that could be used to treat back stretch marks also moisturize the skin layers so that it stays flexible and resists damage.

2. Exfoliate Your Skin: Another good natural method to get rid of stretch marks on back would be to exfoliate your skin regularly each day. Skin exfoliation uses abrading applicators and cleansers so as to remove a thin layer of your skin. This method also removes scar tissue from the stretch marks and will, over time, remove them altogether. Because the skin layers on your back is thick and tough it is an spot where this type of treatment works well. You need to use a skin cleanser that is mildly abrasive such as baking soda or oatmeal or one that has exfoliating substances such as tea tree oil or alpha hydroxy acid. The applicator which you use to apply the skin cleanser should also be somewhat abrasive, a few good choices are a coarse sponge, a loofah or perhaps a brush with soft bristles. Exfoliate twice each day and apply a skin moisturizing cream after the treatment.

3. Massage: Body massage should help to remove back stretch marks in a couple of different ways. The massaging motion helps to encourage circulation in the body and that enhanced blood flow provides nutrients to the skin which protect it and help restore any damage. The pressure which is exerted onto the skin layers during the body massage can disintegrate scar tissue so that it can be eliminated. For the most effective results a natural stretch mark cream must be used as a body massage lotion.

4. Anti Stretch Mark Diets: Intake of a nutritious and nutritious diet provides the skin the essential nutrients which it needs in order to remain supple and repair damage.

5. Drink More Water: The skin needs to be well hydrated to maintain its flexibility therefore drink lots of water every day.

6. Simple Stretching Exercises: You should participate in stretching exercises on a daily basis with a purpose to improve nutrient delivery to your skin and also breaking up the scar tissue which your stretch marks are made up of.

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