Employment In The Video Game Industry Pays Well

The computer game industry is now a huge money spinner in the American financial market with gross receipts in the United States alone adding up more than $12.5 billion dollars every year. The video game industry is growing at a high rate of speed although the global economy continues to be sluggish. Because the gaming field expands, it needs more staff to cover that expansion. The jobs that are available in the video game sector range from game testers that play the video games to software programmers to the video game designers who develop them and all of these positions are well paid.

You have many possibilities for employment in the gaming sector and the entry level position is often that of video game tester or beta game tester. This can be the position that serious gamers dream of, where people get paid to try out video games. This post starts off at about $30,000 and raises to approximately $50,000 after six years of graphic game testing experience. Engineers and programmers have a university education behind them and so they start off at around $50,000 and could possibly get as much as $100,000 after six years in the job. Lead programmers make about 10 to 15 percentage more because they have some added duties.

One of the key parts of creating a new video game is the design process, so you might be wondering how much do video game designers make? This question is more complicated than you might think for the reason that the process of designing video games has become so complicated that you have many kinds of designers involved. The lead designer is the team leader and is responsible for the success of the project and for the design team. When you are thinking about how much do video game designers make, you can be sure that the team leader gets paid a lot more than the junior designers.

The salary for a computer game lead designer starts at roughly $50,000 per year and after working for 3 years that should rise up to about $60,000. Once a lead designer has over six years of practical experience, the average salary is in excess of $80,000 each year. The salaries in the gaming industry are excellent however design team members work a lot of overtime hours so as to earn their salaries. The position of lead designer comes with major responsibilities and needs someone with good people and communication skills in addition to excellent creative and technical abilities.

The game designing process includes a variety of design tasks and needs different types of junior designers. People interested in video game design would start of on one of those junior positions and would probably prefer to know how much money do game designers earn at this junior level. Different jobs available for junior game designers include games mechanics designers or systems designers and level designers or environmental designers. Roughly speaking, the starting salary for these positions is in the range of $40,000, increasing to $50,000 after three years and about $70,000 or more with longer term experience.

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