Five Unimaginable Facts That Make Botox Treatments A Terrible Solution - Go For Anti Aging Lotions

If you've got your cash to waste and aren't at all determined about looking younger and healthier, well, in this case botox treatment is the choice for you. On the other hand, if you work with a planned budget and actually are rather serious about your anti aging efforts, then anti wrinkle creme is exactly what you need to be using -- NOT botox cosmetic injection. Hold on -- you think that botox is much better than anti aging cream? Well, if that's the case, then take a look at these 5 facts that will make you swear off botox treatment for good!

5 Things You Probably Didn't Realize About Botox Treatments...

1. Botox injection is a poison. Go ahead and ask botox pushers if you don't believe it, they may not deny it. This "poison" is known as botulinum and it's a bacterial neurotoxin. Albeit "regarded" secure to utilize on minute portions of the face, this dangerous little formulation can actually cause harm or also fatality if the individual is made vulnerable to large amounts of it. On a side note, do you grasp how dangerous the top anti aging anti wrinkle creams are? Well, they are nearly as hazardous as a tiny vessel of fruit.

2. Less than 5%. Did you know that botox is permitted for use on less than 5% of your entire facial features? Well, it's a fact! That leaves 95% of the job up to you. Seriously, does that sound like a simple choice to looking younger?

3. Not a Long Term Solution. Botox shots done continuously place you at risk for skin and possible nerve damage. These kinds of injections can actually weaken the skin surface as well, hence intensifying some skin conditions you may presently have.

4. Doesn't Address The Big Picture. Unlike anti wrinkle cream, botox treatments only takes care of one particular aspect of anti aging, motion wrinkles. Everything else -- finelines, crowsfeet, eye bags, age spots, sun damage, etc. -- will be left right up to you to take care of. So, yes, you will most likely have lesser number of wrinkles soon after the injection is successfully done, but every other sign of aging will STILL be there even after the injection.

5. Don't Last A long time. In just 3-6 months soon after the injection, all the wrinkles on your facial region will be back and you might quite possibly have a few new ones to accompany the old. In case you didn't understand well, this suggests you would have to reduce $700-$900 on botox EVERY few months. Ask yourself this: could you actually afford to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year on an age defying medical care with so little benefits?

Now do you understand why botox is such a ghastly idea; especially with how reliable and affordable anti aging wrinkle cream is. Hopefully you do, and you may no longer look into botox treatments to be a desirable anti aging treatment.

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