How Much Could People Truly Make As Xbox Video Game Testers

Lots of gamers are curious regarding the possibility of becoming a xbox game tester. They think it will be awesome to test new video games on their xbox 360's for oodles & oodles of cash. Is it really as cool as they believe it will be? Generally speaking, yes -- paid video game testing is very cool and it pays quite well. How well does it really pay? Take a look below and find out.

Let's face the reality, you're not going to begin at the top when you initially start testing video games. So don't expect to live like a fat cat when you land those first 2-3 xbox game tester jobs. They'll be nice checks to cash when the job is finished, but you would not be able to purchase that 10-bedroom mansion just yet.

The Real Yearly Figures: A new video game tester can expect to make anywhere from eighteen thousand dollars a year to twenty four thousand dollars a year. With regular testing jobs and hard work, he could increase that figure to sixty thousand dollars a year and beyond. Of course, this all depends heavily on whether or not he sticks with the game testing and continues to look for jobs with video game developers. If he doesn't, well, he will not make squat.

The downside to the yearly figures given above is that nearly all testers do not work on a contractual pay -- they work on a per job basis. This means once they finish a game testing job, they get paid and move onto another one; like a freelancer. Having said that, let's divide the video game tester pay into a hourly/weekly number for a better look-see into what these game testers truly make.

Hourly/Weekly Figure: New testers can make $10 to $12 an hour, depending on the business hiring them. If the game tester has a lot more experience, she/he may get a substantial increase in pay to $16 or even $18 an hour. If the xbox game tester is at the top of her/his game, she/he can get paid up to $30 or more an hour.

Let's take those figure and perform some quick computations with the average minimum of work on a weekly basis (35-40 hours). Quick Note: These estimates are assuming the tester will get a new testing job on a weekly basis; that is, unfortunately, not usually the case for most.

New Testers

$10 x 40 hours is $400.

Four hundred dollars X fifty two weeks in one year is twenty thousand eight hundred dollars.

Mid-Level Testers

$17 x 40 hours is six hundred eighty dollars

$680 x 52 weeks is $35,360

Expert Game Testers

Twenty five dollars X forty hours is one thousand dollars

$1000 x 52 weeks is $52,000

Ultimate Game Testers

$40 x 40 hours is $1600

$1600 x 52 weeks is eighty three thousand two hundred dollars

Do you truly see the potential here? If you build you're way up the ladder and become a well-known, highly skilled tester of xbox video games, you can make nearly $100,000 a year!

The best part about the whole job-by-job basis thing is that you could truly double your hourly salary by just doing your job more quickly (IMPORTANT: You must not sacrifice the quality of work for quickness!). If you can cut what is supposed to be a 1-week game testing task (usually forty hours) into a half-week testing job (20 hours), you will have doubled your hourly earnings for that particular job!

So, what do you think? Is this salary good enough for you to get involved with professional video game testing? Well, you had better decide quickly -- as thousands of others have already made their decision and they are currently working to become "ultimate" xbox video game testers! Bear in mind that, if you don't act, someone else would!

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