How To Remove Stretch Marks With Cocoa Butter

The edible vegetable fat called cocoa butter is prepared from cacao seeds and has an exceptionally powerful ability to hydrate the skin layers when used in the form of a topical cream. Cocoa butter's moisturizing characteristics have made it a much used ingredient in various kinds of beauty products for example lip balms, hair conditioners and skin moisturizing lotions and creams. Creams made from cocoa butter to remove stretch marks are another popular application of this wonderful natural substance. Cocoa butter helps to retain and restore flexibility in the skin and it can also help to fade out scars from stretch marks. For centuries the usage of cocoa butter to get rid of stretch marks has been the choice of holistic medical specialists because of its fantastic moisturizing and skin protecting properties.

Does cocoa butter get rid of stretch marks? Because of its potent skin hydrating properties cocoa butter is particularly effective for use as being a preventative solution for stretch marks before they begin to materialize. Tearing in the superficial epidermis, dermis and the subcutaneous layers of the skin are the main reasons for stretch marks because the skin gets stretched too quickly owing to rapid growth or weight gain. Making use of cocoa butter aids to keep the skin well hydrated and flexible so that it can stretch out further before stretch mark scars arise because of tearing in the skin layers. During, as well as after the growth or weight gain, a uniform limberness and flexibility are needed from the skin therefore the cocoa butter should be applied daily. Instead of using cocoa butter to get rid of stretch marks in the later stages, it is better used to avoid skin damage and as being a beneficial treatment for stretch mark recovery.

How quick does cocoa butter work? Two of the important qualities of cocoa butter that make it such an efficient moisturizer are that it is very quickly absorbed by the skin layers and plus it also moves deep in to it. When cocoa butter is at room temperature it is a solid but when it is massaged to the skin heat from the body liquefies it and so it penetrates deeply and quickly into the top skin layers. There are also a huge amount of antioxidants contained in cocoa butter and that protects the skin layers and aids in the skin repair process.

Are there unwanted side effects to cocoa butter? For the large majority of people cocoa butter is a a very mild hypo allergenic substance and can be used on the skin topically with no adverse side effects. On very rare occasions someone with exceptionally sensitive skin may have an allergic reaction to cocoa butter but when that happens all that needs to be done is to stop using the cream.

How effective is cocoa butter to remove stretch marks? Cocoa butter is one of the best natural and holistic skin moisturizers that any person can use. Its ability to be readily absorbed deep into the top three layers of the skin which have been affected by damage from stretch mark scars make it an useful substance in both preventing and treating stretch mark scars.

You have some simple tips which can make cocoa butter more effective. Prior to applying cocoa butter you need to take a warm bath so that your body retains the warmness. That heat might help the cocoa butter to penetrate deeply into the top three layers of your skin where all the damage from the stretch marks occurs. Cocoa butter is a strong moisturizer so it might help to soften scar tissue in your stretch marks. Exfoliating the skin on a regular basis will remove the softened scar tissue to help eradicate your stretch marks. You can also use cocoa butter in the form of a massage cream to help remove stretch marks.

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