Secrets Of Cellulite Treatment - Top 5 Cellulite Reduction Products Revealed

At some point in their lives, almost ninety percent of all of the females living on the globe will develop the ugly skin condition called cellulite. That makes it no surprise that huge numbers of anti cellulite products are available for purchase. There are such a lot of types and varieties of anti cellulite products that it could be difficult to sort out the effective treatments.

1. Cellulite Vanishing lotions - Probably the most popular of the anti cellulite products are the various creams, lotions and gels that promise to make cellulite problems vanish. A few of the creams work effectively, some are mediocre and some do not work at all. It's not the price that counts, some of the cheaper brands like Nivea are known to work. While choosing an anti-cellulite product the main consideration goes to the product composition. The most popular are retinol, caffeine and the antioxidant called DMAE. The only scientifically proven substance that removes cellulite is Retin-A but it is only available by a prescription from a health care provider.

2. Get Rid of Cellulite Using Shorts - A fairly new kind of anti cellulite product is the range of cellulite shorts that claim to reduce and take away cellulite. Various kinds of materials are used to construct these cellulite shorts but they all trap the heat of the body and are tight fitting. The shorts work by improving the blood circulation to cellulite affected areas of the body. Some brands of cellulite shorts also use a rough textured weave of material so as to produce a massaging action through friction. Many of the cellulite shorts are designed to be worn under normal street clothing and a couple of of them need an application of cream before wearing. Cellulite shorts apply heat and pressure over the skin to reduce and remove the cottage cheese effect of cellulite.

3. Machines to Remove Cellulite - There are several different types of devices available that can help to reduce cellulite build up with a range of methods. A high frequency electrical current is used by one of these devices to heat up fat cells that gather underneath the skin. This melts the fat and decreases the fat cell's size to make the fat layer thinner. Heating up this fat layer under the skin causes the body to strengthen and replenish the supporting connective tissues under the skin by producing an increased amount of collagen, a natural body protein which helps in skin repair. It also makes the skin thicker in texture. The combination of a thicker skin and a thinner fat layer decreases the uneven dimpled effect of cellulite.

4. Massage Units Remove Cellulite - Another type of high quality anti cellulite products for home use is the compact hand held massage tool. The massaging action produced by the tool helps to increase the flow of blood to cellulite affected areas and metabolize fat cells underneath the skin. This can allow the accumulated toxins and fat cells to be eliminated and flushed away. Heating elements are incorporated into some of these massage tools so that they are even more effective at eliminating the fat deposits.

5. Technology for Cellulite Removal - Treatments for cellulite reduction and removal are becoming more technical all the time. The latest technology uses laser stimulation to improve blood flow and circulation and break down and eliminate built up fluids and fats in cellulite areas. It also incorporates a mechanical type of suction massage that can cool targeted areas of skin.

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