The Pregnancy Headache - Are You Utilizing These Remedies?

Headache problem during pregnancy are caused due to several factors. These could include withdrawal symptoms of caffeine, excessive emotional stress, lack of fluids, insufficient rest, sleeplessness or low sugar levels in the body. Headaches during pregnancy could also be because of poor posture especially due to the excess weight around the stomach area because of the growth of the baby in the womb. High blood pressure is also a leading cause of headaches in pregnant women.

Headaches can be really troublesome, especially if the lady has a history of migraine. The easiest way to avoid headache is to unwind and get plenty of sleep. Exercise is always good, even during pregnancy. Gentle exercise routines can actually help to keep headache problem at bay. Well balanced and nourishing diet is important. Keeping heat or cold packs handy is quite important as they can provide immediate relief.

Learning simple meditation techniques and key yoga exercises that can be performed during pregnancy will also help in avoiding headache and excessive fatigue. For instant relief from a nagging migraine headache, you can have a cold shower. Likewise, cold compress or cold towel held to the head will effectively combat pregnancy headaches. A shower will relax the muscles in the body and provide overall relief. Drinking water is a good way to keep your body properly hydrated at all times to avoid headache.

Pregnant ladies with migraine can get relief by opting for a neck, back or shoulder massage. Sometimes headaches during pregnancy are caused by sinus problems. But this can be treated with the help of a warm compress applied around the eye. To prevent migraine headaches, taking time to relax your body muscles as well as your mind is very important. Meditating in a calm atmosphere, taking deep breaths or listening to a soothing music can be of great help. Pregnant ladies who have had a history of migraine problem should also try eating smaller but frequent meals. This helps your overall health as well.

Pregnant women suffering from frequent headaches need to avoid chocolate, alcohol, yogurt, peanuts, sour cream and preserved meats. Heating pads obtainable in all shapes and sizes can be used to provide relief from headache. A quick nap could also work wonders and keep the mind and body rejuvenated during pregnancy. It is imperative to refrain from pain killers during pregnancy since they can bring about undesirable side effects.

Sometimes pregnant women might suffer from blurry vision too, along with headaches. In such a scenario, it will be useful to consult the doctor. Also, expectant women should make special efforts to maintain blood sugar levels by taking proper diet. You can also get pain relief by applying ice packs at the base of your neck. Aromatherapy, with fragrance candles or using essential herbal oils could be an excellent way of relieving the uneasiness of headaches. Also, soaking yourself in a bathtub with warm water will help during pregnancy. A hot cup of tea is also recommended if you experience niggling headaches while you are pregnant.

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