The United Kingdoms Top Rated Luxurious Wedding Clothes Fashion Designers

The largest challenge a bride faces before her nuptials is finding the correct wedding dress. Additionally, the abundance of wedding dresses, at times, makes it even more difficult to locate the dress in which you appear and feel perfect on your big day.

Caroline Castigliano

Specialising in classic styles with contemporary edge, the emphasis at Caroline Castigliano is on real luxury and complete indulgence. From humble beginnings, Caroline Castigliano started her first bridal boutique in Surrey, today there are six such boutiques all over the UK with several more stockists all around the world.

Caroline is an expert in corsetry, and integrates her superior technique into her perfectly structured gowns. Caroline is a specialist in creating gowns which flatter the female form using basic lines and understated elegance.

Amanda Wakeley

Amanda Wakeley launched her signature label in 1990, and has over the previous two decades developed into a worldwide brand with considerable reputation as fashion designer of luxury womenswear. The bridal collection established in 2000, provides modern glamour coupled with ageless elegance.

Her collections tend to concentrate on simple clean lines which elongate the silhouette. That is attained through precision cut and advanced designs with very few embellishments. Using a number of luxurious fabrics, Amanda Wakeley attention to detail and craftsmanship is known through the industry.

Jenny Packham

Certainly one of the United Kingdom most influential and successful trend houses, Jenny Packham collections include sophisticated evening wear and bridal apparel. Offering contemporary method of style and design, there is both a couture and prepared-to-wear collection.

Dresses are available to purchase at the world famous Harrods or showrooms in London, Paris and New York. Jenny Packham is well known designer having produced gowns for Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Amy Adams or Cathering Zeta Jones.

Sassi Holford

There is nothing better than an authentic handmade wedding dress that will reveal you in your best light. In this regard, Sassi Holford interpretation of the perfect wedding dress is excellent. Her dresses exhibit the traditional style of the old days. What exactly is stylish never is out of fashion, and this is what Sassi has established more than once. Moreover, designed to enhance the body at all times, her group internal corseting will portray the bride in her most refined form.

Temperley London

Temperley London easily scores place here, because she is one of the few fashion designers who are ready to break free in the traditional forms and shift the meaning of the word stylish. Her vast collection has dresses that suit all tastes from your shy and simple to the even more retro wedding dress wear.

The United Kingdoms Top Rated Luxurious Wedding Clothes Fashion Designers
Top luxurious wedding dress designers The largest challenge bride faces just before her wedding is finding the correct bridal outfit.

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