Top Anti Aging Skin Creams - 5 Facts That Prove Botox Just Isn't Worth It

Thinking botox treatments might not be the best decision after all? Do you feel that the best wrinkle cream may perhaps be a better solution for your anti aging needs? Well, if you do think so, then you've absolutely come to the right place. Down below you will discover 5 reasons which proves botox just isn't worth your time; especially since the best wrinkle creams can easily be bought online.

Minimal Usage: Botox is approved for use on an incredibly tiny part of your face. How small? Just 5% of your face can be treated with botox injections; that is it. On the flip side, the best anti aging wrinkle creams can be used on any area of your face, even around the eyes.

Inferior Long Term Effects: When botox injections are administered regularly with time, there's a significant chance that skin and also nerve damage can occur. Will nerve or skin damage be an issue when applying the best anti aging wrinkle cream? Simply put: Not a chance.

Potentially Dangerous: The reason botox is authorized for only 5% of your face is simply because it is a toxin. Botox patients have little to no clue they are actually getting injected with a remarkably poisonous substance; a bacterial neurotoxin identified as botulinum. And contrary to what you might believe, that sentence is not in any way slander -- it's a surefire reality and they'll tell you the same thing, if not with different words.

Not Enough: As far as addressing the signs of age goes, botox injections just aren't enough. How come? Simply because botox injections only handle one factor of the aging process: motion wrinkles. Unlike the best anti aging wrinkle creams, it won't address dark spots, eye bags, crows feet, skin blemishes, overly dried-out skin, as well as any other symptom of aging. So in short, you take care of one dilemma and are left with dozens which still require your attention. Does this really sound like a good deal for $800?

Insanely Costly: The best anti aging anti wrinkle creams might indeed be a bit on the expensive side. However, "expensive" has thoroughly different meanings when you're evaluating these two skin care treatments. While a great wrinkle cream may cost $200 or so dollars over a couple of months, a single botox injection may cost between $600 to $800 all up front. Since botox injections aren't everlasting and have to be performed regularly all year round, the cost can quickly build into thousands of dollars per year.

Did I not tell you there were 5 excellent reasons why botox injections simply are not worth your time? You betcha -- and now you know I wasn't kidding. If these 5 reasons are not able to convince you that the best anti aging creams really are a better choice for looking younger, then perhaps you should schedule an appointment for a poisonous botox injection.

Top Anti Aging Skin Creams - 5 Facts That Prove Botox Just Isn't Worth It
Below you can find 5 reasons that proves botox just is not worth your money or time; especially since the best wrinkle creams are readily available.

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