What Type Of Acne Is Plaguing You?

What kind of acne are you experiencing? Should you worry about long term damage? Is it possible to treat your kind of acne? These are all questions that dermatologists answer every day, but you don't have to visit the doctor for some of these answers, just read on to find out about the various types of acne there are and exactly what you should know about your particular type.

There are several types of acne that people can be affected by. They range between mild to acute and each and every type of acne comes armed with certain kinds of pimples or pustules that may manifest as a result, based on the form of acne it is. Have a look at 2 of the most well-known types.

Acne Vulgaris - It doesn't get much more common than this. If you have acne, there's about a 75% likelihood this happens to be the type you are dealing with. It includes the typical white heads, black heads, and those disgusting zits. The most serious kinds of acne vulgaris will carry along cysts or even nodules which appear underneath the skin. This is your garden variety acne and may be cured with home acne cures, diet changes, natural remedies, and in many cases by using a good over the counter acne lotion.

Acne Rosacea - This kind can be seen in teens and young adults, but it's usually seen in people that are between the years of 25 and 35. It's characterized by inflammation and intense rashes on the cheeks, nose, & forehead. Although the spots that appear will seem pretty similar to acne vulgaris, there will be no blackheads.

The type of acne you are plagued by will probably be one of the two above. If it isn't, well, then there are some other acne types you ought to know about; those are acne conglobata, acne fulminans, and pyoderma faciale. Don't forget, the first step to beating acne is figuring out WHICH version you're actually going up against!

What Type Of Acne Is Plaguing You?
What kind of acne are you experiencing? Should you worry about long term damage? Is it possible to treat your type of acne?

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